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The Importance of Recovery for Athletes

Sep 8, 2022

By Kyle Decker, ATC, CSCS
Every athlete understands the importance of an optimal performance training program and how it will improve their performance. However, rest and recovery are as important as a proper training program. Rest and recovery allow the body to repair and strengthen its three main systems: Structural, hormonal, and neurological systems. Professional Sports teams, Olympic teams, and college athletics have been exploring ways to assist their athlete’s recovery for decades. Today, we know that hydration, nutrition, and rest are key. But how does an athlete looking for the competitive edge recover faster?

Types of Recovery

There are two main types of recovery: active and passive. Both are beneficial to the progress of an athlete’s performance and recovery.

Athlete running on AlterG.

Active Recovery

Active recovery can assist with the reduction of soreness and tightness of the body after a workout or competition. This is especially beneficial after a workout consisting of short bursts of high-intensity exercise. The Alter G Treadmill is a great example of an active recovery tool for athletes to recover actively. The Alter G treadmill uses antigravity technology to un-weight the athlete, decreasing forces on the body and allowing the body to actively participate in recovering from competition or hard training sessions.


Athlete using red light therapy for recovery.

Passive Recovery

Passive recovery is resting for a long time after strenuous exercise or activities. A passive recovery period emphasizes quiet and inactivity. Passive recovery helps boost muscle recovery, aids the lymphatic system, and reduces the risk of injury. This includes getting enough sleep, nutrition, and physiotherapeutic techniques like soft tissue massage.

Passive Recovery Modalities

All of these modalities (what can aid in returning us to normal health when we are damaged by disease, injured by trauma, or worn by time) aid in muscle recovery, lymphatic drainage, and proper rest:
  • Marc Pro electrical stimulation
  • Infrared sauna sessions
  • Infrared light sessions
  • Rapid Reboot compression therapies
  • Cold therapies
Foothills is affiliated with FAST Recovery Zone. Our recovery technology systems rapidly relieve aches and pains, soothe sore muscles, decrease the time for your body to recover from training and surgery, and improves overall wellness. Get a leg up on your competition by improving your recovery. Contact FAST Recovery Zone to book your FREE session today!
Kyle Decker, ATC, CSCS

by Kyle Decker, ATC, CSCS
Kyle is the owner and manager of FAST Performance Training and FAST Recovery Zone. Kyle enjoys working with and helping athletes of all competition levels reach their goals. He has worked with the Phoenix Suns, Major League Baseball teams, and high school athletes. Additionally, he spent two years in Minor League Baseball. FAST Stetson Village

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