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No Referral Needed

Arizona is a jurisdiction that allows direct access to physical therapy services. This means that you are able to be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist without a prescription from your physician or healthcare professional. In May 2003, House Bill 1229 was signed into law stating that physical therapists no longer needed a referral from their physician to obtain licensed physical therapy services.

With healthcare costs rising, Foothills is striving to be part of the solution by giving patients rapid access to services, communicating with other healthcare providers involved in the care of the patient, and by providing a continuum of services to meet the needs of the population.

Contact us to schedule a Rapid Recovery® Injury Assessment, a free, no obligation injury assessment by a licensed physical therapist to see if you would benefit from physical therapy services, a home program or a referral to a physician.

* For Insurance coverage, specific requirements from your insurance may not allow Direct Access referral. Some insurances require physician referral for coverage, we are able to help with the guidelines.

If you already have a referral from a physician and you are ready to set up your full initial evaluation, request an appointment.