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Gait Analysis: A Process That Can Improve Your Running and Reduce Your Injuries

Jennifer Sepe
October 20, 2017

Running as a means of exercise is popular for both recreation and as a sport. However, there is risk...

Foothills Physical Therapist of the Month: Jamie Miller

Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy
October 10, 2017

We don’t mean to brag (okay, maybe we do), but all of our physical therapy offices are full ...

How to Have an Active Arizona Autumn, From Start to Finish

Kacie Lyding
October 4, 2017

As temperatures begin to drop, Phoenix Valley residents head outdoors. We’re lucky to live in a pl...

Why Training Before You Run Is Crucial

Logan Moore
September 28, 2017

Running is arguably the oldest sport known to man. Before we rode horses or drove cars, running was ...

Spend Less Time on Injury Recovery: Focus on Your Running Shoes

Tony Heywood
September 20, 2017

Many runners think the best way to avoid time spent on injury recovery is investing in a high dollar...

Find your Fit with Foothills

Melanie McDonald
September 15, 2017

Opportunities for current and future employees Some people are gifted with the knowledge of where th...